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Hi! Welcome to The Garrulous Gecko blog. I post daily writing prompts, writing tips and tricks, and reviews. I’ve been writing since middle school, and I’ve always felt that little attention was paid to creative expression, writing as a form of recovery, and accessible writing resources. Writing, to me, is a form of dialogue and a form of expression. I write not only as a form of catharsis, but as a way to better understand myself and the world around me. My reviews are not a way of judging, but rather my way of communicating with the creative content I encounter. Only half of the artistic experience is creating something and putting your own meaning into it, the other half is your audiences’ interpretation. I always learn something new when I ask someone to read what I’ve written and to tell me what they think it means. I hope this blog can be a form of inspiration and motivation for my readers. Feel free to use the “Share and Recommend” tab to share your writing with me, to ask me to review something, or to just get in contact. You can check out my YouTube channel for my take on popular tropes, more reviews, and my other creative endeavors. For pictures of my pet geckos, wild herpetofauna, art, and poetry, you can join me on Instagram and Twitter. All links can be found at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading!

Black Hole Pocket

“Give evil nothing to oppose/ and it will disappear by itself.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching Writing Prompt: Raven got the sweatshirt from goodwill. She just needed something to keep warm and had forgotten her jacket at home. It was comfy and a little big, just the way she liked it. Sitting at her desk, she …

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A Haunting Past

Sir Thomas Sharpe: “A house as old as this one becomes, in time, a living thing. It starts holding onto things… keeping them alive when they shouldn’t be. Some of them are good; some of them bad… Some should never be spoken about again.” —Guillermo Del Toro, Crimson Peak Writing Prompts: The house held on …

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The Artistic Mute

“Though we have instructions and a map buried in our hearts when we enter this world, nothing quite prepares us for the abrupt shift to the breathing realm.” ― Joy Harjo, Crazy Brave: A Memoir Writing Prompt: Most people don’t remember the first four years of their life, but Natalie remembered everything. She could even remember the …

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Crime Scene Investigation

“Trent imagined the boy’s mother inspecting him prior to his departure for headquarters, checking his fingernails, perhaps. Checking the fingernails himself as they shook hands, Trent found that there was no evidence of their having been bitten. An indication. Everything was an indication.” -Robert Cormier, The Rag and Bone Shop Writing Prompt: Charles had been …

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Campfire Stories

“You have to be careful with the stories you tell. And you have to watch out for the stories that you are told.” ― Thomas King, The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative Writing Prompt: The camping trip was going well until the teens started telling stories around the campfire. At first they didn’t notice anything strange, …

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The Anxious Class Clown

“He was painfully shy, which, as is often the manner of the painfully shy, he overcompensated for by being too loud at the wrong times.” —Neil Gaiman, Stardust Writing Prompt: Jack was shy. Well, shy was the wrong word for it. He was anxious. People made him nervous, and it was difficult to say why. To …

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Monster Makers

“Our attitude to the monster is frequently ambivalent: although society teaches us to be morally appalled by its terrible deeds, rarely is the monster presented as wholly unsympathetic. Indeed, part of us takes delight in its actions and identifies with them.” —Shohini Chaudhuri, The Monstrous-Feminine Writing Prompt: Today, we’re making monsters! Monsters vary wildly from …

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Let’s Talk Tropes | Cute but Psycho (Lesbians)

Transcription of the Video (Not Word for Word) Hi, I’m The Garrulous Gecko and today we’re talking about two tropes: the cute but psycho trope and the psycho lesbian trope. First and foremost let me say that the word choice for these tropes is already problematic. Words like “Psycho,” “psychopath,” and “psychotic,” tend to create …

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