The With and her Jars of Light

“Some people reflect light, some deflect it, you by some miracle, seem to collect it.”

― Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves

She had never gone to see the with before. Word around town was she was an old hag, and she would do anything… for a price. Kay wouldn’t have gone if she hadn’t been so desperate, but her brother was dying, and without him, she would be alone. When she got to the witches house, what she found there was not an evil old woman, but a sweet young lady. The witch was beautiful and seemed to radiate generosity. She offered Kay afternoon tea and a snack, she even asked lots of questions, not once about what was troubling Kay. That she already seemed to know as she busied herself with the potion. Kay looked around the little cabin and noticed mysterious bottles of herbs and dried roots. Nothing was as she expected, she didn’t see any loose eye balls or frog legs. It was all very comforting. What she loved the most, however, were the little jars tucked on a far back shelf that seemed to be full of just light. When the witch was done with her potion, Kay could only ask her, “what made you want to be a witch?”…

Hello my little friendly geckos, thanks for the read! Just a reminder that you can see get a free copy of my poetry collection, The Moth that Haunts the Laundry Room, on Prolific Works. If you want to support my creative endeavors, you can also purchase the book on Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram (thegarrulousgecko) and twitter (@theheckingeck) for herpetofauna photos, poems, and more! If you write something based on one of my prompts and want to share it with me, you can use the Share and Recommend tab at the top of the page, I’ll even post it on the website! Happy writing.

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