How to Keep the Dead in the Ground

“To look upon its grass grown yard, where the sunbeams seem to sleep so quietly, one would think that there at least the dead might rest in peace.”

― Washington Irving, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

They knew it was coming, it happened every year. Halloween night the graves would start to quake. Decomposed hands would burst from the soil, bodies of bones and sinew following quickly after. Most people would barricade themselves inside. They had basements and safe rooms. Because they didn’t know how the dead could sense them, they stayed quiet, turned off all the lights, and even let the musky smells take over their house for the whole month. The brave would go out with their shot guns, hoping the dead wouldn’t come back next year. But this year, their death toll had been the highest it had ever been, and they would need to think of something new to keep the dead in the ground….

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