The Dance of the Sky Dragon

“They moved in dance steps too intricate for the noninitiated eye to imitate or understand. Clearly they were of one soul. Handsome, rangy, wildly various, they were bound in total loyalty, not by oath, but by the simple, unquestioning belongingness of part of one organism.”

― Louise Erdrich, Love Medicine

Every summer they would dance. It was supposed to be a metaphor or a prayer to bring good weather, not too hot and just enough rain. They called it the dance of the sky dragon. The kids who had not yet learned to dance, loved to watch because the costumes and the movement together made the dancers look like on big dragon, breathing as one. This year was Teddy’s first time dancing. He was nervous because he was dancing with his friends and his crush, and he wanted to get it perfect. Everything went smoothly except for the few times his friends made him laugh and his dad scowled, but when the dance ended they would get a the surprise of a life time when a real dragon appeared before their eyes….

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