Meet Your Ambiguously Reptilian Overlord

Listen, I’m just your average human from an average town. Nothing special, we get annual UFO landings just like the rest of you. But I’ve started getting bored with all the extra terrestrial and cryptid activity, and I’ve decided to start something “normal:” blogging.

This blog is all about, you guessed it, writing. How to do it, doing it better, and how to judge others. Feel free to send me ideas and constructive criticism. But no normal criticism, because I already know.

I live in the humble mountains of North Carolina where no one can hear the screams of my experiments, or at least they don’t care. My cats keeps me company on most days when they’re not leading the socialist revolution. And yes, all the geckos on this site are my children.

I spent three and a half years perfecting my English capabilities and I have the PAPERS to PROVE IT. Additionally, I’ve studied the mysterious arts of “Libraries.” I know you already know that libraries are just a cover up for the Lizard People, but we still have to keep up the pretense.

My work has appeared in THAT Literary Review, Queen Mob’s Tea House, The Love Story, and now in a collection of my very own, The Moth that Haunts the Laundry Room.

If you want to keep up with my content, you can see my series on tropes on YouTube, pictures of my geckos on Instagram, and much more on my LinkTree…. Here’s a sneak peak.

This is Avicci the African Fat Tail Gecko. She frequently tries to escape her glass prison, but will not let me hold her, so she will remain in her glass prison until she can learn to except her existence in imprisonment.
Bishop is an Hognose snake. Although she’s less than a foot long, she’s already sizing me up to eat me one day. I couldn’t be more proud.
This cutie is Moss, the Gold Crest Day Gecko. Although she’s only about the size of my pinkie, she could beat you in a race. She’d bet on it. $10? $20? $100? You’re life? You’re first born? Better pay up because she’ll come for you.
And finally, Iroh. The big boi. My crestie. He thicc. He sweet. 100% boifriend materiel.

Some Things to Consider Today

I should never be left alone with my mind for too long.

Libba Bray

Those who believe in Telekinetics, raise my hand.

Kurt Vonnegut

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